Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What happens in Las Vegas, stays in my Blog!!!!

There is a popular saying, ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’. I thought there is no necessity of this adage. In fact there are realizations that can be helpful to us in the long run. Now Las Vegas is the place, which when mentioned itself, people go ga-ga. Thanks to the curiosity created by the adage mentioned. The whole post is high on ‘bias’ and is opinionated. Read it at your own risk and with less-expectations.
Las Vegas! We drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. 

The entry into the Nevada (State which hosts this city) is indicated by the outskirts casinos. The weather is very hot and dry, topped with hot and non-humid wind tingling the city every now and then, till about  one early morning. The city is filled to brim with lights, smoke (Read: Nicotine), semi-clad people, and casinos. The moment I entered the vicinity of the area, I already felt, ‘This is it????’. Casino is a place where people gamble, some for fun, some for the sake of fun. The crowd is surprisingly amazing. Globalization = Las Vegas. People from all over the world, come with their baggage here, testing their luck. I have seen new-born babies, pregnant ladies, handicapped people, blind man, saree-clad aunty, old men and women who are finding it difficult to read the menus too trying their luck here. Watching them itself can get addictive.

The things I learnt from Vegas:
·         There are n number of casinos, owned and managed by different people. All casino hotels are different, look-wise as well as attraction wise, though the casino in real-sense everywhere is the same. They have brought the attractions of the whole world, to this place. For instance, there is an Eiffel Tower, in the casino called Paris, which is an amazing attempt. There are Gondola Rides, in Venetian Casino, and even a Statue of Liberty. They are cashing on the attractions.
Lesson: I need to be grateful and proud of the world I live in.

The casinos are not as much run by competition. You ask any casino, the information of the other one, they would oblige with detailed information and in fact many of them volunteered to go and enjoy the other ones. While in ‘Paris’, they gave us information about ‘Venetian’.
Lesson: Competing with others can lead to bankruptcy. Yeah! Las Vegas is the city, because of which Nevada has never known what is bankruptcy . When we lend a hand and support others, it does not mean pushing our talents down. Talents shine better.

None of them have the same attractions. It is sort of like delegated work. Every casino is unique so there is no sense of negative competition seen or felt during interaction.
Lesson: Know what I am good at, for my betterment. Delegating work, is good for me in the long run, if at all I feel, in shorter run it is taxing on the credits I am earning. Remember the -sharpening the axe by wood-cutter story.

People who stay in Las Vegas rarely gamble as they know the ill-effects of them -shared byNiccolas, the gondola rider, during our conversation. He gambles once every six months for maximum $30 and regrets it, every six months :).

All places have lessons to be told. It depends on me, if I am open to learning. The moment I landed here, I knew I would be taken care of, as I was here to experience something new. I am a pure-vegetarian. But I got amazing vegetarian food everywhere I went. I did not gamble, drink or smoke but I had enough and more fun, minus the hangover and after-effects. I met new people, saw that same things can be seen from a different perspective.

A new page has been added to my book, rich by experience and observation, and attitude-polishing. Ratheesh said this to me during the initial headache I had, “Why are you feeling it’s a negative place, you can always add positivity to it.” So I So-Hummed above the Casino J.


suman said...

Jai Ho! Rishi Ratheesh:)

Gireesh said...

When we lend a hand and support others, it does not mean pushing our talents down.

Very true
I liked t :-)

also nice post on vegas.
You know I found contradicting facts on Goa and Rajasthan
Goa was "heard" to b for freaks who drink and just wander .. drugs ..

But when i lived there, t was most peaceful place... I hardly used to see any policemen.

Rajasthan I heard ts dry, hot and ....
When I saw Udaipur and Jaipur; "wow.. how can ppl call rajasthan= desert?"

aaah .. u r motivating me 2 start travelogues :D

keep writing

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:) :) Superbly articulated...

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interesting :)hatke!!!!!