Monday, October 17, 2011

10 Secrets

I was discussing with Sharika about this part, and was amazed that this clouded part of me has been diminishing, since long. But I thought, here is the chance to blog about it and amaze myself.

1. I am a planning freak. I want everything pre-planned and in order beforehand.

2. I am a matlabi (selfish) person, when it comes to certain situations.:)

3. I am scared of heights big-time. Yes! I cannot handle any rides for that matter.

4. I have fear of darkness. If I have to go to my room, especially back home, I keep saying, "Amma", "Viji" etc and switch on all the lights, on the way.

5. I have very strong memory when it comes to people. I remember their name, habits, conversations etc etc. Beware!!!

6. I lie very often.

7. My first huge crush was when I was in 3rd Std :)

8. I cry when I watch emotional movies. I mean cry 100%. I have cried for Prerna's speech (Ekta Kapoor fame) as if someone had died. And Amma caught me and I just melted, totally embarrassed.

9. I was made to stand on the bench and was canned for not learning 7, 8 and 9's multiplication tables.

10. I have written YES!+ Introductory Talk in my Final Masters paper and repeated the same during my Viva.


Sharika said...

u r indeed secretive! i knew just 4 out of these and in your case its good:).. and welcome baaaaaaaaaaack:).. yaaaay!!!

ViNi said...

which 4 u knew?

suman said...

I witnessed point 8 recently. Filter the movies next time and u know by whom... :)

Sharika said...

1,2,5,6.. v hardly talk abt crushes.. I didnt know u cried at are not actually secret type..

shri said...

nice Vini....
almost my secrets revealed ;)