Wednesday, October 19, 2011

9 Loves

This is very difficult for me to limit my loves to just 9. But then the more challenging, more juicier to read ;) Here I will be more specific rather than broad answers like I love love, peace, happiness etc.

1.  I love small surprises.

2.  I love that stolen glances G gives me, when I wait in the line, debating with my Heart and Mind. The whiff of air when He passes by, the touch of His Shawl and  the flower, that blossoms millions :)

3. I love taking Art of Living courses and making a difference, within me and others.

4. I love water-rides :) I have crazy fun.

5. The Bike rides, I have had till date :) esp, when it rains.

6. I like that hug Ratheesh gives when he comes home really tired.

7. I love reading and dreaming, not necessary in that order...

8. I love when Viji calls me for the silliest to most important decisions of her life. Cracking up for silly things and at the end of it, forgetting the very reason for the splits of laughter.

9. I love pani-puri, charmuri and Shilpa Akka's Adrak Chai.

1 comment:

Sharika said...

u have a way of guessing the surprise makng the surprise giver almost hate and not wanting to surprise u in future.. :):)dreaming