Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2 Songs :)

Will there be any person in this world who can choose two songs out of gazillion great songs? I wonder. Then I re-read the topic. Its a "Challenge". So here it is...

* The song that came to my mind first was, "Raat Kali Ik Kwaab me ayee... " From the movie, "Budha Mil Gaya" . I heard this song before, but after Art of Living, heard The Vikram Hazra singing and I fell for it :)

* 'In the Ghetto' by Elvis  Presley. I love the lyrics, and it leaves one silent and gives a reality-check, on life.

* 'Oru Chembaneer Pooviruthu njanomale'. I am a Malayalee , so a Malayalam song is imperative.This is a song from the movie 'Sthiti', sung by Sri Unni Menon. It is a beautiful song. Even if you don't understand Malayalam, the melody is enough to make you sit back and relax.


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