Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tea and the smile :)

There are certain things money cannot buy. It is so true. I have realized that to make one happy, it is the small small realizations which can make us go a long way. For instance, today morning I decided to drink a cup of tea. As I reached the kitchen, the thoughts of Amma, came racing in my mind, like movie-reel. She would be moving about in the kitchen, with the clang of utensils, and water boiling. A smile flashes on my face.I realize I had forgotten to switch on the dishwasher, and having very less utensils around, I might not be able to make some tea :(.

Then my eyes go on to the microwave. Asha Mema from Florida whisks through my memory. I have seen her routine, when in she puts everything necessary into the cup and microwaves. Eyes glued to it, just in case it boils over. The tea begins its action and is about to boil over and I rush to get it out. As I remove the plastic wrap, I get this beautiful nostalgic smell of tea which is sold during the Vagacharth in Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple.

Standing in a queue, at 3 AM all dressed yet eyes refusing to see the excitement, Achan will buy the tea from the small tea-booth. For your information, we still are in the queue. The way he mixes the tea, whisking it up and down, without dropping even a drop, is a mouth-opener :). The smell of the tea is unique, which cannot be expressed. But this is what ran through me, when I just smelt the simple tea, in US. I had a smile throughout the day.

It is so beautiful how memories can make our day. Just a good thought and my day is done. Here is a thought which can hopefully bring that smile which is lost on your face. Make it find your lips and eyes. There you are.


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