Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Gift !!!!

Its so beautiful to see how one can become His instrument. Once we put our mind to rest and being there with the 'Presence' and you have a beautiful time. There are no words to express this feeling but the end result is what you will read along. I have been with G for long, yet it feels as though it just began. But I never did expressed, and here is the expression from Shrikanth (Appu) who gifted this beautiful work to me... Way to go... Keep penning more...

U Made ME,What I Am!!!
U Make Me think the Way U want,and Tell me thoughts are Meaningless ! 
U Make Me Lose My Senses,and tell me to be more sensitive ! 
U Make Me Broaden My Vision,and Tell me this is all an illusion ! 
U Take My Breath Away,and tell me to just Breathe... ! 
U Make Me a People's Person,and Tell me to be with My-self ! 
U Make Me go totally Crazy,and Tell me not to get Excited ! 
U Make Me Lose My Mind,and tell me to be Aware of it ! 
U Take My Belongings away,and put me where I Belong... ! 
U Make Me Laugh and Cry,and tell me Love is not an Emotion ! 
U Make Me get everything I want,and tell me I need Nothing ! 
U Make Me Fall in Love with U,and tell me I am U ! 
U Take Me everywhere with U,and make me feel soo Divine... !
YES! U were the one who made Me,and tell me it all just Happened !!  
 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!n HAPPY 1st WEDDING ANNIVERSARY  ....I am not Sure whether this is something U give to a Couple...Make some sense out of this poem,so that this qualifies to b a Wedding Anniversary Gift....!!! Tell Ratheesh to give U a bigggg Hug from my side...
For a long time, i thought that was the day that Broke me...But now, i can proudly say that was the day that MADE ME!!!

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Sharika said...

WOW!! My bro is so smart na.. I would like to take credits for nurturing that creative genius and giving it wings to fly etc etc.. :):)