Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Musings 1...

Bitter-gourd is a vegetable which has not got its due. I have never been a picky eater. And bitter-gourd has been one vegetable which makes me go yummmmm! The moment I think of the veggie, two delicacies prepared by my Amma, Pavakka Pachadi (bitter-gourd in yoghurt gravy) and Pavvaka Upperi (bitter gourd deep fried with onion) comes to my mind. Isn't it amazing that when one is away from home, I put in the effort to prepare these items minus Amma's touch!

There are these small things which moisten my eyes. For instance while talking to my mom, having this desire to share a cup of tea with her. Most of the days, I drink tea while talking to her. While I prepare mom-touch delicacy and it touches a chord somewhere within. When I am down and worried for no reason I know my-phone-a-friend is her.

I am still not done with the hangover of leaving India, so blog posts have been filled with my loved ones :-)


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