Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Learning in doing...

Oh My God! The last post was posted months ago. This India visit gave me a glimpse of how many people knew my "Anuboothi"! I am not even getting into the reasons on why I was not blogging. There was a transfer to Chicago and decision to settle down in this 'Windy-city'. Then came the long time, no see 'India' visit for three months. Now I am back in Chicago, with feel-like temperature of -5 Degree Fahrenheit and hot ginger tea by my side, doing the most procrastinated work of mine.

In United States of America, it is very easy to purchase furniture and other such items, but the fitting and settings part has to be done by us. While I was away in India, R had purchased a Television Stand and a Television. Day before yesterday, we both sat to fit the whole set. I love doing such work but I have this irritating habit of not reading the whole manual and going ahead :-) R gets so bugged!

The activity which was a learning.

This time also things were not any different. To make matters more challenging I did not even see the photo of the said T.V Stand. But was looking into the instructions page-wise. But the moment I saw the whole book, I started doubting, if we will be able to do it on our own.We went ahead, a page at a time. And time passed and we had the construction completed in front of us.

I realized, this is what was happening in my life, when I would think of the future and worry myself, as to how I will be able to cope. This only tosses by present moment, which is nothing but my 'Happiness'. Thinking is like a maze which does not have an exit point. One enters it, and gets stuck in it, but one begins to feel comfortable in it and does not think of exiting it and by the time one wants to exit, there is no exit point.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Founder of The Art of Living Organisation has His reply to the given situation:

 Q: Guruji, they say the recipe for depression is to only think about oneself. But at the start of Mahabharata war, Arjuna was thinking about others, yet he was depressed. Please explain.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
 Well, the mantra for depression is - “What about me, what about me”. And Arjuna was thinking how he could do the work which he was supposed to do, and what people would think of him. It was again about himself only. It is not just thinking about oneself, but your other different attachments and lack of understanding can also lead to depression. But one sure technique to get depressed is- Just sitting, doing nothing and thinking, ‘what about me, what about me, what will happen to me?’ You are sure to get depressed this way!


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