Monday, February 4, 2013


I don't remember which class I was in, when we had the activity of writing 'Diary'. If I remember it right, it was in my 5th Std. This concept of writing a page, a summarized version of the days happenings fascinated me. The exercise in the English class was to imagine oneself as the main character in the lesson, and to write as 'Him/Her'. Since that day, I used to write Diary. Though like other practices, this too weaned away gradually.

I noticed, when I write my diary too, I would write as if someone would be reading it eventually. So the whole page was tailored to suits the needs of many. Most of the events of the day, as and when it happens, I would go, "Hmmm this needs a mention in my diary!" Same has been the case with the blog.

Just so that my blog knows, she has been in my mind always! As close as a Diary is to its owner :)


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