Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chic-a-Go: Changing Colours...

Blog: Wanting to recollect and type was becoming an effort. Blogging has always been my hobby but I have been busy and self-obsessed for quite a few months :) What do I do with myself?

Lets talk about the city I love. Chicago is a Windy City. Though its cold like any other place, in fact there are places which are more colder than Chicago, this place can be a bit worse. Thanks to the winds from Lake Michigan. There are two temperatures shown for Chicago: The actual degree Fahrenheit and feels like degree :) which will be higher.

Lake Michigan

The first time I landed in Chicago it was cold but missed the snow and I was so upset. The next year, I am not sure of others, but I was so eagerly waiting for the snow. The first snow I experienced was while in the car en-route to another state called Milwaukee for an Art of Living Course. It was just flurries, like the rain drizzles. Nevertheless I could not contain my excitement. Then it snowed in Chicago and I was walking on the deserted streets, silenced due to snow and less traffic. The first walk in the snow is something I will never forget. However before snow comes Fall. This is another season I had missed.

Snow at the Swami Narayan Temple, Chicago

Fall: The wallpaper scenic views on streets; Red, orange, yellow, brown, green, barren trees scream for attention, the place has a festive look for few weeks. It will be cold outside, but there are days when we can witness yellow and orange leaves being kissed by the evening sun-rays. Breathtaking is a small word for the happiness it brings about.

Fall Colours

Thanksgiving Dinner at cousin's place

Within days it will be the Thanksgiving Week (28th November 2013). I love this week for two reasons and it is not even remotely related to the purpose of the event. Winter officially begins this week so its bitter cold. This week has a long weekend so it means R will be home for most of the days of the week :) and we go shopping at wee hours as prices are slashed during this day. Thanksgiving is the official start of holiday season as within less than a month Christmas and then New Year is here. Who does not love the holiday season?



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