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Morning sickness- A big Lie

I never thought that the previous write-up would be so fun-a-read. Many of my friends messaged me their birth stories, and I realized that only when told would it remain. Every birth is a story in itself. Thank you all for encouraging me to blog.

Shalini Ma'am with us 3 brats (Vini, Anu n Ani)
Before pregnancy the most fearful factor for me was the labor itself. I am a psychology student and we had a paper called 'Child Psychology'. Ms Shalini Aiyappa, Lecturer of Psychology at St Aloysius College who continues as our mentor till today, was our teacher. The IInd year degree had Child Development classes and the first chapter was Pregnancy and Child Birth. I am proud to say that I scored the highest in my IInd year Psychology paper, out of all the papers. In the 'Pregnancy and Child-Birth' chapter there was the first trimester part where we loosely mention about morning sickness. I had written in my answer sheet about this sickness and scored marks :).

Some of my relatives and friends had mentioned that lot of my pregnancy would be somewhat similar to my amma's pregnancy. She never puked, though she had nausea here and there. So the first time I puked, I was very excited as I had seen this in movies :) This made me feel pregnant in the truest sense. But within a week this made me feel nothing like a 'movie-star'. 24 hrs throwing up makes you feel like a hero in a way, for surviving it each time ;). First four months had been the worst. The car was filled with bags and water bottles. Every room had bags. It was tucked in between the couch and below the pillows. Indonesian peanut sauté of Noodles and Company was my favorite during the first two months till I started throwing it out. The frozen parathas with ripe mango, idli sambar(None of the Chicago restaurants had good ones BTW), banana chips, curd-rice with lemon pickle, salads etc were consumed like crazy. I loved spicy food as opposed to sweets. Potbelly sandwiches were my favorite which I had for many months. Ratheesh would ask me what I wanted to have for dinner, and after few days he stopped as he knew my answer :) Potbelly sandwiches, everything but mustard, mushrooms, Italian seasoning and easy on jalepenos.  I began eating depending on how easy was it to puke :P. Already under-weight me was just given one advice by the doctors, "Don't ever come here for dehydration".  So was consuming tons of water inspite of the nausea and vomiting, along with the multi-vitamins.

Ratheesh was in Chicago with a small project, hence the first 3 months was not as tough as it would have been, had he been traveling. Our weekly visits to Sudhir etan's home in the company of Preethi chichi, Satya Mema(Have to mention her timely reminders about food), Chandrappan (Reading Ramayanam), Dhruv and Megha , home-food by Anitha Aunty (Durga's Mother), the parcel of home-prepared Banana chips by Suneal appan and Asha Mema, Vijay being a messenger from Mangalore when my Amma, Acha and Viji sent all my favorite items etc just proved that I was not alone in this endeavor. They were all God sent. As soon as my third month was done Ratheesh got a project at Tennessee  so he was traveling and I was not yet done with my 'Nothing-morning-about-morning-sickness'. So I was staying with his cousin Dileep etan and Divya. As Valliamma and valliachan was there, so no dearth of home food again. I keep mentioning about food because even preparing rice was an ordeal :). Once I was back I was a new pregnant girl. I began cooking as I loved it and started preparing the dishes I loved. Nights during the week, I would walk to Lakshmy and Ajay's home as they did not want me alone at home. I remember calling Lakshmy all of a sudden for rice, and she would be at my doorstep within half hour. Their concern for me, gave Ratheesh and myself the confidence to let Ratheesh travel.

I am not sure if any of my other friends have experienced it or I am weird! Certain perfumes, TV shows etc made me pukish. Ratheesh would lose it sometimes when I would mention that I can smell something in this Mall and we had to leave. I was quite moody and would not talk to anyone much as I was already tired or wanted to spend time with myself. Daily calls to Amma and Viji was a must. Stopped talking to my Dad after he kept asking me to eat or when he got upset when he used to hear my breakfast diet of 'chocolate cereal with milk or bagel with strawberry cream cheese' answer daily. :D Did I already mention I was moody?!!??!?!?

I was eagerly waiting for my Amma's arrival on November 21, 2013. The night she came I slept content. I realized how much I missed her every time I looked at her. In spite of her painful elbows and hurting leg she traveled 7 seas to take care of me and the little one. This is the first time she is away from her hubby, and I will always remain indebted to her for this with a tint of guilt. Once she came it was idli, sambhar, chutney, macroni, charmuri, tea, cutlet and what not :) Doctors knew when she arrived looking at my weight.

One thing I learnt during these nine months was to listen to everyone but do what your body says, as our body knows the best. I remember when people were shocked that I was not drinking milk during the first 3 months as I could not and they would say its bad for the child if the mother does not drink milk etc. But during my 5th month my favorite was cereal with cold milk which I would have in the mornings and late nights etc.

I never read anything related to pregnancy on 'Internet' and neither did I google. Every time I was in doubt I messaged my long distance doctor, Dr Deepak Shedde, who knew my mind quite well. Every time I was upset or happy a message to Vivek Anna was a relief :) I was surrounded by angels so to say.

Everyone is different. Even a mother's and daughter's pregnancy will not be the same. Have faith in yourself and the little being growing within you.

Nine months passed in a whiff and every moment was worth a memory and mention.

Coming up: * First heart beat to first conversation...
                    * Baby Shower:Planned by me, and unplanned by Ratheesh :)


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