Sunday, August 10, 2014

Stereotypes at its High- a vent!

As a couple when we step into the next turn of our life as parents, along with everything comes the stereotypes associated with 'parenthood'. Right from the period of pregnancy, through the labor and afterwards,R has been a very involved and all encompassing husband along with being a dotting father. The very fact that he did not want me to go to India for my delivery owing to his consulting job and absence throughout the week, so that he can be there when lil V makes his entry to the world says a lot about him as a person. Touchwood!

The amount of stereotypes we faced here in USofA was comparatively minimum as opposed to India.  Swaddling the baby, putting him in the car-seat, getting him home, putting him to sleep, wakeful nights, changing diapers, being spat at, being pooped on etc has been jointly experienced by both of us. Lil V has been quite an active baby especially in the night. So it gave us ample of opportunities to work together ;)

I remember an instance in India when the basic conditioning glared at me. It was a busy day with everyone shopping and chatting away at a marriage home. Owing to the change of environment, the number of people and being sick, lil V was quite cranky. After feeding him, R said to me that he would put him to sleep. I agreed and V slept off. As soon as I come out one of the relatives comment that, 'Oh! Does R put V to sleep always?' to which I smilingly reply 'Sometimes :)'. That evening R too decides to go shopping with everyone when one of the other relative taunts if Vini will be able to manage the baby all alone as R will not be there to change his diaper or put him to sleep. I am not sure if it was my hormones or my short-temperedness, I got very angry, but chose to be silent.

But this got me thinking. Everytime I mention to them R is bathing the baby or putting the baby to sleep, the next conclusion drawn is, "What do I do then?".............. a vent, as I mentioned :)



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