Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rains, Tea, Routine and Little star...

With the rain comes this innate desire to sip a hot cup of tea. Yes! Its raining heavily with the company of thunder and lightning. I love it when the brightness in nature dips giving us a forecast of heavy rains on its way. A tea-addict that I am, what more does one need. Ambience is set. Vedanth is busy rowing his make-shift boat of a diaper carton and having a whale of a time. I love it when he plays on his own, not only does it give me time to finish off my chores or just sit, but it also blossoms his creativity whole bound. He talks to his imaginary friends and includes all the people who has been mentioned or been in his life. The moment he sees me, then it goes, boom!

Having a toddler running around is one thing which keeps me in the moment and yet my mind goes like a planner. I have to accept that it indeed is tiring as Vedanth is yet to sleep through the night and wakes up like the Sun. He better continue this to his schooling days :) The waking up I meant. And then making bed, listening to him talk-talk, brushing my teeth first so that he has time to observe me doing it, so it becomes less war-ish to brush his, and getting the breakfast ready, having it, cleaning the area, skyping back home and then is when Mr Vedanth begins his play. I go on to chat with amma, prepare a cup of tea and listen to her, watch her cook, or exchange the gossips of the day... then I start cooking, with tips and tweaks from her and she goes off to sleep. Then chat with either my sister, other family or friends back in India. It is funny how a conversation can decide the mood of the day.  Mornings I am on India timings.

Evenings are kind of laid back. This is the time when I do my spiritual practice, which may be a 10 min meditation or a 40 min (Sudarshan Kriya and some yoga). These minutes are properly overseen by my busy toddler, who find his mother more lovely, then other times, as I am showered with kisses, hugs and calls of Amma! Amma! until I open my eyes and look at him and smile :) Hey! Atleast something is better than nothing ... Thats my policy. This has helped me put a check on my temper, energized my system and have a jolly day in totality. I try to squeeze in reading too in-between all this, as I love reading and don't want to loose touch with it ...

So now over to my son, who has moved on to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star :)


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