Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Am not sure if it has happened with you all. Something goes wrong in the situation, you are not responsible for it. The person responsible for it realizes it and blames you, till it sounds like the truth. The whole clan surrounding this event supports him and his narrow views. You keep staring at him thinking, "What just happened?"

This person I mentioned is a family member whose family is being helped by many others to bring to the stage where they are now. The job he has is also a blessing of another relative. Not being thankful is okey, but forgetting what has been given and talking third-rated language to elders, thinking that he has his friends and like-minded people with him (BTW they never helped him or his family) is not fair to the people. Fun part is everyone knows it and no one wants to talk about it thinking of the adversities the elders in the family has to suffer. I have been advised the same too. But this rant has been brewing for a while and it had to be out.

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sharika kk said...

been there, ranted too:)