Saturday, December 26, 2015

Charlie, Malayalam Movie

Watching a movie, till 2009, was just for the story, songs, comedy and the actors. It was never for anything else. I took triple main with specialization in Journalism, Psychology and English Literature and world around rolled for the better. It began with 'No Mans Land' in the Journalism Studio and the discussion which followed the same. Fr Richard Rego helped us in developing an eye for details in movie-making. He passed his passion on to many of us and we still carry it around. Prof Lourdswamy, English Professor taught us to visualise symbolism, romanticism and poetry even in the most boring context. Ms Shalini Aiyappa made us thing of the humane emotions and circumstances in the way we may not have thought of before. Hence, watching a movie is a wholesome experience, at least for me. A movie which does not click for my friends and family or the box office, clicks for me. Same thing happened with Charlie.

Watched Malayalam Movie Charlie directed by Martin Prakkat. Story by Unni R & Martin Prakkat with cinematography by Joemon T John. The story is unique in its own way. The Art work and cinematography by Joemon makes one smile through the scenes. The characters portrayed by Charlie (Dulquar Salman) and Tessa (Parvathy) are elements which adds to the story. There is no extra screen presence, as every character who comes and goes is indispensable for the story to continue. There is a Charlie and Tessa in me, which made me live that life for few hours. After long watched a movie which made me smile after the movie. Theatre viewing adds to the experience :)

Its interesting to see the experimentation in the storyline, cinematography and characterization of late in Malayalam Cinema. More and more non-malyalaees are viewing Malayalam Cinema in theaters which was not so before. Malaylam movies were known for real-life emotional drama and watched by film-festival goers. The mass-media, sub-titles, songs, actors have widened horizons to include global audience. Am glad this happened! Better late than never.


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