Sunday, May 8, 2016

Jacobite Swargarajyam - Review of sorts

Many people had told me JSR is a beautiful movie. It's not a comedy movie but still a feel-good worth a watch one. We have been watching quite a few movies in theatre of late and the movie had been running for two weeks, so we went in. This movie began with Dubai sand dunes which itself took me back to my Dubai Days.

We had been in Dubai for 6 years. My high school education till tenth in Indian High School and staying near clock tower, Deira. My father was working in the Indian Counsulate so we know a bit more about the Indians in Gulf. 

My Achan is notorious for sleeping through movies and going out in the pretext of phone call and not coming back as the movies never entertained him or were too violent or loud for his taste. But this movie, when I called him, his phone was switched off and he mentioned to Amma that we should go for this movie, again. That's a big achievement for this movie, in my eyes.

The whole movie- the dialogues, the family interaction, the places, the school, the in roads, desert rides, the Etisalat, the Trade Center etc bought in memories and made my eyes misty. I never felt this movie was our story as Vineeth accurately points out it is Greg's story. But I have seen many people in similar situation, duped for no mistake of theirs, their passports (only possesion) being taken away, put in jail etc and their relatives or friends crying for help during the Amnesty. That's when we knew what Dubai also is. 

When my relatives and friends come back from Gulf with suitcases full of perfumes, electronic goods, dresses, sarees, pencils, toys etc, I realize it cost them every sweat to fill it with love and surprises for their loved one. The way they toil day and night for that one money order to be sent home. 

This story is an inspiration for many. How in a make or break situation we can take the threads in our own hands and chose to make something out of it. The values and ideals instilled by Jacob and Shirley, were the forces behind all his children's actions. Every time Jerry thought he is down, it was his mother's confidence that made him chose wisely. I never wished I had parents like them, as I am proud that my parents are also like them as we have been in similar situations like this . Parents are made of different materials, I must say.

Family and relationship is the ultimate possession. This movie has successfully helped me think about it and realize it. The actors were all to the mark. Shaan Rehman helped in emoting with songs and awesome lyrics, cinematography by Jomon T John was a feast to eyes, the sub-titles were to the mark, kudos Vivek Ranjith, though I felt Arabic translation would have been good too (Though the acting was translation enough) and last but not the least Vineeth Sreenivasan, you were successful in dedicating this story to the world. On a different note it also made me think, Dufai pazhye Dubai alla😃


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viji vijayan said...

Wow!!! Well written :)

Unithiri said...

Great Vini.. Written it so perfectly. :-)