Monday, May 18, 2009


When in verge of tears
The flow is uncontrolled
Mind begins to chatter and panic,
Life stands still….No smile no frolic….

I keep wondering….
I keep lingering,
Passing eyes for the presence of You..
Searching each breath for the One i.e You.

Losing the grip in my life…
Feeling that this trip will end my life..
But then I see a sparkle and shining rays.
The aura is covered, of mine, with HIS GRACE.

Untying the folded eyes,
Clogged Mind, burdened Heart;
He accepts me silently
And I rest in the lap of the Divine.
Doubt was always there.

No question of surrender arise…
Holding on to the problem, became a game..
Which I began enjoying with Pain.
He showed me the Path
Offered to take me along..

Doubt and lazy mind of mine
Could not see the offer, so Divine.
Regret ! Realising the mistake,
I cry and cry
But he stays ! Graces my head
And I realize he was always there.

He catches my hand
And treads my path…
In the state of awe and love
I follow him, in his own path.
Thirst ! Never is quenched
For love, still there now.

Even now, its not me…
It’s the Divine, penning my thoughts..
And today is the Day,
I realise the energy flowing…
He is not there anywhere..

But within I know He is There…
To My, My Own… My Very Own

Jai Guru Dev

Penned my me on 9th April...


rao uncle said...

Rao Uncle.

Vini V said...

Thank u uncle:) jgd

Rishabh said...

This is so brilliant...realy touched my heart.

Rishabh said...

and I loved the pic!