Monday, May 18, 2009

Guruji On May Tera... On 13 May...

On his birthday at Bimmerale Hall, Oppenau near Bad Antogast, where people from almost every country were present, Guruji asked for a birthday gift from all of us. He said that all of you have to give me a birthday gift.

You all have to promise that each of you will realize how beautiful each one of you are. Only when you understand how beautiful you are, truth can dawn and with truth divinity dawns. That is satyam shivam sundaram, only we go the other way round, beauty first, then truth and then divinity. He said that we should ask others whether they feel they are beautiful. If they say they feel ugly then tell them that whatever they do will also be ugly. If you feel beautiful everything you do will be beautiful, you will spread beauty.

He said when he first came to europe what struck him the most were the beautiful flowers in all colours on the landscape. He said that everybody does not see and appreciate them but that is not the flowers’ problem. Similarly if people do not see your beauty it is their foolishness, that is not your problem ;)

He said the sign of intelligent people is that they spend their time in celebration, fun, music and introspection. Foolish people spend time in complaints and addictions. He looked around at the celebration around him ( a four storied cake, water pistol, flowers, music and dance from almost every coutry) and said, “so we all are intelligent”.

Jai Gurudev!

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