Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pesticide content

Pesticide Percentage (%) in cool drinks released from IMA recently.

1 Thums up 15.2%
2 Coke 13.4%
3 7 up 12.5%
4 Mirinda 10.7%
5 Pepsi 10.9%
6 Fanta 9.1%

If the Range exceeds 2.1%, then its very dangerous to the Human Liver.Results in Cancer!
So don't drink any brand from Coke and Pepsi!
This Message is from Indian Medical Association. Please pass it to all known persons in your e-mails...........
Please be cautious......


viji said...

Even I feel these aerated drinks are creating havoc. Good article Vini.

Vini V said...

yup.. but we can still use it to clean toilets.. ;) thank u kutty...