Friday, September 25, 2009

Bawa & Dinesh Dada Week!!!

This Week is Bawa & Dinesh Week for YES!+ Gang. Why?? It’s because Bawa celebrated his Birthday on 22 September and Dinesh dada will on 29 September. Now regarding who they are, what they do, is your assignment. Google it or just do your YES!+.

I have no clue what I am going to write about them. This is what happens when we are supposed to verbalize something close to our heart. For instance, tell me your experience of Sudarshan Kriya. How much do your parents love you? How? Etc. Heart matters can be expressed, but never up to the mark.
When I met B&D, I felt I always knew them. I mean how? I am so comfortable with them, so much of ease. They speak, pull your legs, teach, guide and above all Love u. B&D are this Gems whom Guruji (Sri Sri) has chosen for us. I introduce them as; even a child of 6 yrs or 60 yr old person will be so happy and comfortable. There were times when feeling all Yuck! Yuck! Sitting beside them for seconds, it has just vanished.

My first meeting with THE Dynamite Duo: I remember it was May 2005, was doing my YES (Youth Empowerment Seminar) II in the Bangalore Ashram, when Didis announced Bawa is going to take a session. Now who is this person? Did not have to wait… All those who knew him, were literally fighting my hearing power. They told me, he is this person who gives Fhatak se replies.Hmmm. He is so strict, that I am scared to do DSN with him. He shouts at us!!! But we love him. Now new to Art of Living this combination I thought never ever existed until I met this person, sitting on the rolling chair, with all eyes glued to him. I saw that people were asking so many questions, and was scared to ask This Question which was bothering me. The questions asked were silly, and Bawa was pulling their legs. I was like, my question is so serious. If he makes fun of me, then? So I decided not to ask. By then I could hear someone asking this question which I wanted to, and I realised it was me : ) My! Vini Stop it. Too late. He looked at me seriously and then he told with this smile which I never knew I wanted, “Haan now regarding this….” I seriously don’t remember that reply rightly but that smile said it all. He is this person who genuinely is there.

Dinesh dada amazing memory power, handsome looks, lean figure, powerful eyes, long hair and amazing intuitory powers. Man! Had seen him during my first encounter with Bawa. He remembers my name. It’s actually a big thing because we had never interacted before and when he called me, I was surprised. He is this person who has all the enthusiasm but serene face. ‘Serene Dynamism’ is him. During Winter Break, used to love to hear, after our early morning Sadhna, “Slowly roll over to your right side……blah blah… and with a big smile, now you can do better than this, you may open your eyes.” Heaven is too small a word.

Laughing Buddha, describes them both. You figure out how?????

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