Sunday, September 27, 2009

What's Your Rashee?- Review

How was the movie? TOI rated it as 3 stars. A friend for company, wanted to have a good time so went for it. But it was worth the PaisaJ.Now first my likings of the movie. Being a journalism student, loved the cinematography. The camera work is worth the mention. The song sequence in a mountainous region is worth mentioning. But Mungarumale cinematography still retains the first place. The starting of the movie, the credits were shown in eye-capturing and novel way. Ashutosh Gowarikar has this amazing eye for details in luxury. Be it Lagaan or Jodha Akbar, he portrays class. In this movie, the use of colours, costume of all the characters, choreography and settings reflect this. But worth the paisa vasool, is Priyanka Chopra. Acting skills and portrayal of all 12 characters with so much of ease makes us believe its 12 different people with uniqueness. She is one actor I feel has it in her to be in this film industry after Sushmita Sen.

But then Harman Baweja, God knows why director chose him. If its only for face value, then the later is still stuck with antique concepts. He did not act. Perhaps even the director realised it, so with less dialogues, he only has to dance to Piggy Chops tunes or travelling. Tab tho expressions ki zaroorat nahi thi. I am sure Piggy Chops earned double as she was doing his acting too. J Jokes apart... another annoying this about Ashutosh Gowarikar is his obsession with Reeeeealllly long movie making. 3 Hours is quite long. Someone please tell him, concepts and story enters the audience head quite fast. More the time, we go on to think of the director’s life & obsession. That’s bad; we need to have the movie in our head and not his face and bad opinions.

Nothing about the story line or the script! Hmmm no its not missing, but people who watch would surely reveal it to you. All the other characters’ were good in their shoes except for Harman.:) One scene is worth mentioning. Yogesh’s (Harman) Bhabi was around 2 months pregnant when he comes down from Chicago to get married. He is getting married in 10 days and spends these days searching for his bride. But by the D-Day Bhabi’s stomach reveals 9 Months, as if each day was a month for her and her baby. Hi Hi...

From my side yeah 3 stars. IF its 2 then please blame that Harman.

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shrikanth KK said...

Too long movies need good scripts like LAGAAN or SWADES,but Romantic comedy for more than 3 hours is too much...12 awesome songs in the audio CD is really good,but 12 songs in the movie is about an hour full of dhinchak...too much da..the kind of movies Ashu used to make were top class...looks like he is losing his Midas Touch..Epic movies are ok,but epic Comedies are NO-NO.