Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chennai: Hot and awesome!

In Chennai my niece Shreya gave me company. In her play school though, she speaks Tamil so fluently and gave my visit wholesome publicity. Had gone to drop this tiny-tot to her play school, she just could not control her happiness and smile. She told all the people in the locality that, “Ennode Chitti”. Translation: My aunt.

Went around, met our relatives. This was one of my first long trips where only my mother and myself were together. So it was even jollier. Went around Chennai, challenging the Surya Bhagawan. Nathan, a YES!+ Volunteer took me to this beautiful beach in Besant Nagar. Though it was afternoon, it was breezy and loved the shores and the waters.
                                                               Rajakeeyam Food
Then we went to ‘Sanjeevanam’, a purely Satvic restaurant. Awesome food! Bawa loved it and wrote about it. So you can read about it in the link! I do not remember why I wrote this. Had scribbled before leaving to Mysore though.


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