Friday, October 28, 2011

5 Foods :)

I am thin and slim, and that does not mean I am starving or I do not like food. So I have my menu here. But it is interesting to note that I am not picky about food items, though am a hard-core vegetarian, for that matter. I do not have a sweet-tooth too, in all its fullness.:) With this I begin....

1. Amma's cooking - I never liked home food much, but once I started travelling around and had my share of hostel-life, Amma's servings became Prasadam for me. Whether it was her Aviyal, Sambhar, Rasam, Bitter-gourd curry, Inji Curry, Macroni, Charmuri, Pazhampori, anner Curry, Babycorn masala, Biriyani, Vegetable kurma or anything she  touches becomes a delicacy. My mouth as always has started watering :(

2. My other Amma's (MIL) Sambhar is one of the amazing Sambhars I have tasted. That was the first item, I tasted, prepared by her. She prepared, this baby-potato fry and ladyfinger items, I love....

3. I love Idly-Sambhar. I can drink good sambhar. Especially the dip-idly, where the idly is dipped in a bowl of sambhar, and it becomes soft and one bite in and you can feel the sambhar oozing out. Hmmmm yummy.

4. I love Panipuri. The KD road wala will be given first and foremost preference. Those were the most amazing ones I ever tasted.

5. The Mushroom Pulao by Shilpa Akka. OMG! They are the best. It will be perfect always. The right amount of spiciness and masalas and the right heat and a taste for tongue and food for heart. 

I love my late granny's tea and the yellow color curry (Pulingerry) which she used to prepare. And my late Achachan's pickles are heavenly. I love Gadbad ice-cream and Charmuri anytime.

This is the most difficult days of the Ten-day challenge, especially when I am blogging during the lunch time, after my Sadhna. See I am a foodie.

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