Saturday, November 19, 2011

4 Books :)

I am thankful to my parents for having inculcated the reading habit in me. I remember my parents insisting on reading since my childhood. Tinkle, Gokulam, Champak were a must haves, if I was supposed to board a train or travel. Then there were this series of General Knowledge books and quizzes became my favourite pastime.

Being a bookworm of late, limiting my likes to 4 books is challenging. I am attempting it though.

1. The first book which I is very close to my heart would be the book, "The Guru of Joy" by Francois Gautier. This is a book about my Master, from a different angle. The book takes you into a world, which is like sailing through memories. I have laughed, cried, smile, felt sad, intense longing and gratitude towards the 'VERY EXISTENCE'. That's one time, I began counting my blessings.

2.  "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. I am not very sure why this book kept creeping  into my list. It was in my syllabus of Bachelor of Arts (BA). Prof Lourdswamy, HOD of Dept. of English was the person who mesmerized us into Bennet household, the atmosphere of the Century and the ways of the important characters. Okey... I love this book. :)

3. "Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown!!! This is a special book for many reasons. This is a book which I sat and read in one sitting. It is even more memorable as I bought this book in the streets of Bangalore. I was forced to buy, by my friend, Sachin, who is no more with us. Every time I hear about this book, I have this whole bargaining, he did for this book, coming like a movie.

4. "Many Lives, Many Masters"- Brian Weiss. It is a book, which gave answers to many of the'Why is it happening like this, with me?????!!!' questions :) It shifts something within you and it is beautiful.



Sharika said...

I love the way u have put pics of books together.. pride n prejudice?? hmm interesting
n finally u r back:)

suman said...

I used to love Gokulam. Used to wait for the monthly issues :)