Thursday, October 27, 2011

Going 6 Places....

I love travelling, but not sight-seeing as much....:) But there are many places close to my heart :)

1. 'Vijay Vihar' Mangalore, home of mine, is a place that cannot be replaced anywhere, anytime. I need not say anything more, as it is our 'Home'.

2. It would be Art of Living Ashram at Bangalore. Every corner of the Ashram is my Home. You are there and you know 'You are special'. The environment can influence a behaviour. Don't agree? Come over :)

3. Munnar! I just went there once,but like the place, it has given me ever-green memories. The place where one can become poetic with nature and romantic in the clouds. The journey uphill and down-hill , encapsulates the richness, in its true-form. I love the Club Mahindra there, as we stayed there ;)

4. I am a very nostalgic person, if you may say so. The maternal Tharvadu (Ancestral home) would be the one I associate my childhood with. The house carried itself in my maiden -name. Vadakke Madam or in the area known by the direction, Kezhakke Madom. The orange and white painted home, with a grilled window, and a TV room. Achachan's (Grand-father) chair outside, and his umbrella tucked on to the window. The vast fields surrounding the home, is the place where I learnt to be grounded and love my traditional roots :). I miss...

5. Though I did not spend more than 2 days there, Ratheesh's Tharvad (Kunnath) would occupy a special place too. It may be because, it so closely resembles my Achan's Tharvad at Kannadiparambu or might be because of lovely people there or the village like atmosphere, or may be the Shiva Temple in the vicinity, or the pond surrounded by the greens.

6. It would be Chicago. The house I entered with Ratheesh in Chicago Downtown at Millenium Park Plaza. The first house, we attempted, in making a home.


Sharika said...

after a long wait:) good read:)when it comes to travels we have pretty much same taste:)

Sharika said...

n oh! happy diwali:):)