Friday, October 21, 2011

7 wants Only ?!?!!?

7 Wants only OK?!!!

1. This moment I want to be in the Ashram at Bangalore, right now. It has been long since I stepped into the Ashram. A place of solace, time stands still. A place where even silence speaks, smiles ring and belonging blossoms...

2. I want afforestation to happen. The amount of greenery disappearing is astonishing. I want this world to be a better place in all ways.

3. I want to wake up in my bedroom, to the waking calls of Achan saying, "Mole!!! Its time already? Slept late again yesterday? Drink tea and go to sleep." (with all the naughtiness in his eyes)

4. I want a repeat telecast of my Wedding. Everything the same though :) 

5. I want to be a better cook and cook with passion.

6. I want to drive :)

7. I want to eat Gadbad ice-cream and Mysore Pani-puri (in KD Road).

1 comment:

Sharika said...

Ideals Gadbad ice cream:):) learn to make pani puri yaaa