Thursday, October 20, 2011

8 Fears

Fears... Here I come ...

1. I have fear of heights as mentioned before. The view from the top, especially in rides, makes my head go round and round and round.

2. Achluophobia or fear of darkness. I always have this feeling that darkness, have tales to whisper, the tales I do not want to hear. 

3. Fear of death. This fear is not one's own, as much as the death of a loved one. The 'death' hit me, when I lost my Achachan (Maternal grandfather). Every Advance Course I take, has put a different flavor for the same. (Some got what I wanted to say :)

4. Fear of failure. Dinesh Da had once told this in a session, I think during my TTC (Teachers Training Course), 'Give yourself the permission to fail.' This is the biggest blessing one can give to once own self. Every time, this fear comes up, these words ring in my head.

5. Expression- Of late have noticed this, that I can express better. There has been a downward movement of the same. There is something which I am doing and let me see if it works out. I will blog about it soon.

6. Ophidiophobia, fear of the creepy and slimy snakes. But somehow Kukke Subramanya Temple, Mangalore, Nagaraja Temple at Nagercoil and Mannarshala, dedicated to the Naga Devatas (Snake-God) are the temples close to my heart too. Divine connections :)

7. I cannot see animals being killed. Somehow it gives me an uneasy feeling. Especially when I see the slaughtered animals, when I go to the market, or the killing of hens for food or rituals, the gory sight of violence makes me fear the Humans :(

8. I cannot read horror stories or watch horror movies. It effects me for some days. Though I love listening to horror stories, the after effects are bad, so I do not listen much, for everyone's benefit :)

An after-thought: Somehow this exercise should not be one of labeling oneself as this or that. An awareness about once fear helps combat the same.

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Sharika said...

Man ! u wrote about u r fears with more passion than loves;) very well written.. Dinesh da sentence was awesooome;) Thank u for putting that up.. N yes I do think u r expressing u rself much better ( very visible on social sites:P) guess marriage has that effect on u :P:P