Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scribbling thoughts, Aha !!!

There are times when we are lazy. Yes! It seems like a secret-affair which everyone of us have, and there is nothing secretive about it. The funniest part about laziness is the way we wrap it in glossy reasons, by saying, 'Oh! I am hungry!', 'Am just so tired.' 'Have no time', 'Have been working around quite a lot.' and the one which tops it all has to be, 'I don't feel like it'. Of late, since I have loads of hours at hand, and other reasons do not oblige, I stick on to, "I don't feel like it!'

Guruji brought in the awareness to the fact that feelings keep changing. It changes every second. We are born every second to a new drape of feelings and thus following feelings is like trying to hold on to one's own shadows and getting frustrated about it. Commitment is a big word as well as a very brave one. If feelings and commitment go on same line, then we won't discuss it here. But in case it is the other way, then we are talking about life.  Following my commitment and not feelings clicks!

                                                                 Commitment Vs Feelings

Recently I was lazy to do Sadhna. The reason given was 'I am missing home'. I could actually feel the 'Pity Me' feeling coming up, which is quite dangerous as it is equal to giving your control to somebody else, better known as 'My mind' :) So here is what I did. I observed it. It is not easy, but I love challenges. I read a knowledge sheet and its amazing, till today how I get the right one. It was about being grateful and waiting in love and not frustration. Am a good connector of dots. I just sat after reading and shifted myself to Vajrasan (a way of being seated, while doing the breathing technique known as Sudarshan Kriya). I noticed that the 4th source of energy can actually shift you in seconds to make one focus on the 3rd source of energy and all the other sources are taken care.

Just few thoughts!!


Sharika said...

Enlightened ya.. I don't seem to mind the laziness much ya.. Should I wait for my epiphany to strike me naaaaaah.. loved the whole being grateful and waiting in love bit.. your writing btw has changed a lot..

suman said...

Sharika, What was ur first clue? :)

Sharika said...