Thursday, February 9, 2012

Save the Soul!

I am still shocked and the goosebumps refuse to leave, as I heard the horrific story of a 9th std boy stabbed his own teacher, in the classroom, in Chennai.

'The 15-year-old boy reportedly brought a knife in his school bag. He allegedly entered the class around 11 am on Thursday, well before others where the Hindi teacher was waiting. He reportedly stabbed the teacher five times. She raised the alarm and the other students rushed in. The accused boy reportedly did not try to run away.'

I don't know what was running in his mind! But I want to. The amount of anger and vengeance the boy had is reflected in the action of, as he did not try to get away. He exactly knew the plan of action. But there is this something in me, making me feel helpless, about what are the things which led to this. I am sure just some comments in the diary might not have set it a flame. Kids by nature have this power to let-go. But the environment around polishes or cut through , when he is growing.
What comes into question is wasn't there any other way of throwing away the stress? A 9th year old boy and murder is the answer? Did he ever speak to his family or teachers? Was he happy? Was he stressed? Was he loved for? Was he cared?

He must have thought or just watched the whole murder-scene play in his mind. Again, the kids being present-moment thinkers, he must not even have thought of the consequences. Media here has a strong role to play. With its boon and bane nature, we zero on to the statement, 'If used properly, its a boon, or else a bane.'

Being with students all around, I have seen personally how they take when they get one mark less than their friend. Eyes begin to water, anger swells up in the cheeks and mouth remains shut. It was always a challenge for me, to deal with my kids at this time. But a hug, a small pep-talk would always work with them. But there are moments when they have reasoned and questioned and have been helpless. How do we deal with this at a very young age?

I was taught to give myself the permission to fail, so that I can grow. I am not blaming here, as blame game is a vicious circle. But the competition is not getting any healthier. Today, if a child fails in a small game, it becomes a prestige issue for the family. The most scary is the anger and inability to take it well. I pray from the bottom of my heart, lets make this world a better place to live in. Let us grow our children like plants, where in we give them the environment and let them grow with the necessary weeding, chipping here and there and take a step back to appreciate the fruits and flowers.

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