Sunday, February 12, 2012

AK-35 and not a Pappu!!!!

Yesterday was a Big Day! Bigger than the Valentines Day. Why? What's so special about it? One of my YES! 2 Teacher, Mr Arvind Varchaswi, (Nephew of H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar :) My Guru) and Ms Srividya Natarajan (A good friend of mine and a YES!+ Teacher) got married in the Ashram. Ashram weddings are worth the wedding. Red and gold wedding which a Bride or a groom has always imagined become reality in this place which is 'Heaven' for most of us. And in the Presence of Master, No one can wish anything more.

Yesterday was also Celebration day for the three important people, who have touched my life. Ashok Prasad Ji, Suman and Kullu. It was their B-day. Ashok Bhaiya's Anniversary too along with his Birthday. Chala Cool :)  These three people are very much connected and also involved with the etching and polishing of my life. They required to be here on Anuboothi!

My sister had done YES!+ and was raving about it,when I was in Mysore. So I come to Mangalore and decide that I need to do YES!+. Sharika too was thoroughly in love with the same, which made the intensity even more stronger. At that time there was no YES!+ teachers here in Mangalore, so they were imported :). A date was announced and I called up Prashanth Etan who asked me to come to the Centre, in order to register. Happily I gallop to the Centre and register myself. Prashanth Etan tells me the teacher is here and I meet Ashok Bhaiya. OMG! This is the same person I always see with Guruji.

Yes! Ashok Bhaiya was G's PA for long. I smile even more. He asks me my name. (Yippie! Guruji's PA wants to know my name :P) I say, 'Vini' and he nods his head and asks me about the various colleges in Mangalore. And I volunteer the information and it goes on. By then Sharika is there and he says, "Come lets go to the nearest College, Vinu and Saarika :)". We have corrected him, about our names, but he loves calling us this way, so we happily oblige! He gives talks and says we need 60 students for YES!+. I have registered, so only 59 more to go :) He is this body of energy and total surrender, I realize.

Our heads are thinking 60 students?!?!? And we organize this really big talk for him at Canara College, Mangalore. We are proud of our work and call him to come. He says over the phone, "Listen! Vinu and Saarika, I am not going to come for the talk. I have sent 2 beautiful and smart girls to give the talk. (I am literally reeling!) Their names are (No ways! No ways!) Vinu and Saarika." We argue! We give him justifications and what not. But he won. We spoke to over 500 students that day. We got registrations trickling to 10-11 students. Since that day there was no looking back. On the D-Day we had 60 Students for the course, including me :). Speak of Sankalpa!

Ashok Bhaiya is a true leader, who believes in empowering youth, and making more leaders. He does this beautifully through Knowledge, Sadhana, Fun and Surrender. He made our lives a Guru Story. Whenever you call him, you know he will answer the call. He is this push a person needs, the lift a person picks. I became a teacher and am still in awe about the way he takes the sessions. I am so proud to say that I took my first course, sitting beside him. He is a beautiful being, whose watch word are love, care and The Guru. :)



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