Friday, March 23, 2012

Dasanagu Visheshanagu!

The Old Mangalore Centre is having this unusually usual hustle-bustle. After enquiring we know that some one senior from Art of Living would be coming for that particular Monday Satsang. We (Sharika and I) being a week young in Art of Living, felt the energy extra-ordinarily high there, but used it to stand in the pathway and chat away. All of sudden, a car enters the gate and this person in White with fairly long beard and hair steps out and walks in, with a smile. My heart skipped a beat! I literally saw Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji passing right in front of me, when they told us some Chayanna (PS: Anna is the term used to refer to brother in Kannada) so was expecting some one between the age of 25 to maximum 35 years of age.  Open-mouthed I walked inside and saw him greeting each and every one. I kept hearing the word Chayanna and that’s when my logical mind rested but my heart went in with my First Impression!

Just now attended Live Satsang with Swami Suryapadji  (Chayanna ) from Someshwara Temple, Ulsoor, Bangalore. (Thanks to smart people; read Suman Ramaswamy and smartphone era J) After the first experience back in Mangalore, any opportunity to be in the company of this learned person is a chapter in one’s own. A Physics lecturer by profession, and Sanskrit scholar (talk about science meeting spirituality) has Goddess Saraswathi in his voice and a Dhanwanthari touch! Being with him in Kamamlashile for Art of Living Part 2 Course and Seva has added new realms to my fanship! You ask him about anything in this world, he has an answer. And any new information which seems to have missed, he would listen with wonder-eyes, even if it is from a LKG student of our SSRVM or a teacher or even Sri Sri J

 Ekalavya, from Mahabharata! It is his spirit which, is beyond the human realm, makes it a wonder-full and inspiring story. Chayanna is that spirit. The devotion and faith with which he sits next to Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji brings tears of gratitude in a devotee. His undying efforts to bring back the ancient Scriptures, through his engrossing and humorous story-telling, Mantras being taught through the best method of listening and repetition,  Ayurvedic  remedies for ailments’  has to be mentioned.  Yes, I was not kidding anyone when I said he is a one stop solution.

Chayanna has seen us take our steps in Art of Living and has guided throughout whether it was spiritualyity, family-related, education, marriage, misunderstandings etc  and have noticed that he is the same with all. Guru Tattva we often talk about and see in the presence of our Master is there Chayanna’s presence. I still remember when my father had gone to the stage to seek his blessings for the marriage proposal,  Chayanna had said to him that he would like to talk to be before we proceed.  He continues to flatter me with every step.
Inviting Chayanna and seeking his blessings, for my Marriage

When Chayanna asks us ‘How are you?’ it invariably means he takes responsibility for whatever answer we give,to genuinely make it 'good' if the answer is other, just like the Divine!
Jai Guru Dev