Friday, April 13, 2012

Veendum oru Vishu :-)

Relationships and festivals are the times when I have double joy on being born as an Indian! We Indians give equal importance to Culture, Relations as well as Food. The moment when all the three come together is known as 'Festival' which equals celebration. Sitting far away from my Motherland as well as Mother, my nostalgic feathers have already started floating around. Being a wife now, and Ratheesh, a lover of Sadhya (Feast) here I am making it special for Us. Someone had said it right, 'Marriages' can change everyone, in a good way of course.

Vishu Kani (The first sight of  our-self,the harvested items, flowers, light and the Lord, during the auspicious time of Brahma Muhurtham)  and Vishu Kaineetam (Token given my elders to the younger lot) are my favorite callings.
Here are some old photos of my native :-)

Vishu is the time when we reach back to our roots, back in Cheruthazam and Kannadi Paramb. The site of fully-blossomed fields, water rippling in the lakes and the insects and animals having a noisy time is music to one's soul. When my grandfathers' were here, all the things kept for Vishu Kani, is proudly produced in our fields. It is just like thanking the Mother-Nature for the gifts! Welcoming and thanking the grace of nature, filled with gratitude :).

Kani is arranged by the elders in the family. The fun part for us kids was going in search for Kani Konna. In order to induce the fun part, I personally feel, the tree has only flowers, but are above our reach. We cousins took our first step in team-work, negotiations, profit and loss, communication with the top management as well as climbing the ladders (literally) in our personal lives, from these from pre-days' of Vishu experience. We are always involved in Hit (with stones on to the flowers) and Run (Away, before the owners catch) cases.

                                                                    Kani Konna Poov :)

 Grandparents would ask us to have early dinner and sleep till the wee hours of morning. But that is the moment when we cousins lie down in verandah discussing, how to spend the money we would be earning. In layman terms it is also known as,counting the eggs before it hatches ;). An hour suddenly seemed to be made up of nearly hundred and fifty minutes. However the time arrives.

                                          The Kani arranged at my Ammavan's Place (Photo: Deepak Varma)

Kani is shown on age-basis. At Amma's place I adorn the crown of first grand-child :-) So my eyes are covered by wet hands of my Ammuma (maternal grandmother). That is the time when I realize how excited she is to surprise us. The moment I am made to sit in front of the Kani I am in awe. The gleam in my eyes! Ah! Memories!

                                     Busy preparing for the Sadhya ;-) (Viji kutty don't tell Ammuma ;-)

Ladies of the house get busy with the preparation for the main feast. The general jobs which I take up after, that mornings's collection (remember I had mentioned about Kaineetam. Yes! We don't trouble our elders, we go to them :-) is grating coconut or chopping easy vegetables or the most boring job of stirring non-stop! Grating coconut is a chore in itself. If this duty is done then the Sadhya is 3/4th done. However the interest decreases with the increasing number of coconuts :-( I know my Economics. I am ashamed to admit that Sadhyas' were never an enticing part of the festivals for me till I went to Mysore for my higher studies. I had taken Sadhya for granted. I apologize to her, for ill-treating her. Though, I don't think she would mind as she is loved and followed open-mouthed by many :). But I admit today, I love Sadhya!

This year for the first time I decided to step into my Amma's footsteps and adorn the cooking cap! I am sure once they see the photo of my result, along with their mouth even their eyes would water :'). Yes! my parents would be proud of me for sure :-) Oh my Pullinji(Sweet and sour ginger) is simmering on the stove and Payar Thoran (long beans) is ready to sizzle in the oil. Will get back as soon as possible!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year !!


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