Monday, August 3, 2015

Tennesee Tryst...

Vedanth is 18 months and he keeps me busy. But he is not the reason for me not being active on blogging though I would happily put it all on him. In between the last post and this post lots have happened, which thanks to mommy brain, I have forgotten. We shifted from our old apartment to the new one, had my in-laws with me, went back to India as Viji was getting married, came back, homesickness and was getting into the routine of full-time Mom. I actually love it. Babies love routine! Me too! But I am bored the second day of the routine... :(

Now we are here in Tennesee as R has his project going live here and he had known that he would not be able to fly down to Chicago for two weeks. So we planned a road trip with little one in the back and reached here safely and happy. With an infant, its funny how fast we converted this apartment into a home. Baby-safe home :). So quick that the next day early morning breakfast was Hot Dosa with Vedu's favorite Cilantro-Mint Chutney. He did miss his home back in Chicago after the initial hullabaloo. 

There are things I wanted to blog about but I am blocked by my mind. Its funny how, when something happens, my mind goes, "Woah! you should blog about this." And then laziness takes over. When I am actually free, I sit idle. Day-Dreaming. Its so nice to do nothing, though initial minutes go in contemplating how do i have nothing to do :P

Today I took the flashy laptop of mine from the dungeons, wiped it connected it and decided I will blog. So thats an achievement. If this is not, what is?

Anything you want me to blog about? 



Sharika said...

achievement indeed :) Considering I have time and don't blog :D

Ambalika said...

Yay! and you're back in action.. Super! Congrats on the new home btw and look forward to more tid bits on Vedu's antics :)

Vini Ratheesh said...

Sharika- :) I too have time... But then you know me :) Thank You and you should too...

Ambalika- Thank you dear.You were one reason for me to come back to blogging. Sure Vedanth would be mentioned in all my posts I feel. :P